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Content, Community, and Growth Package

What's included?

​Content Creation (monthly "content day")

  • A full day each month dedicated to creating content. 

  • You choose the location(s) and bring any clothes/props/etc you want to use. 

  • We will bring equipment including phones, tripods, and additional lighting.

  • We will have an idea for a shot list, but it is helpful if you come with your own shot list so we can be as efficient as possible getting all the shots you want. 

  • You will have access to these photos to use for anything you'd like on Instagram & beyond.

3 Reels/month

  • Editing clips together with smooth transitions

  • Adding sound

  • Reels count as part of the monthly posts

Planning Content into Calendar & Posting

  • Arranging content into calendar at specific cadence

  • Ensuring posts flow and grid remains "aesthetic"

  • Physically posting when Later can't post automatically (i.e. stories & carousel posts)

Analytics Reporting

  • Tracking for profile: follower growth, reach, impressions & website clicks

  • Tracking for posts: likes, comments, saves, shares, reach

Organic Account Growth & Follower Management

  • Using proven methods to engage with target market to encourage follows

  • Unfollowing accounts to keep "following" number low

20 Posts/month

  • Photo selection

  • Photo filtering (if necessary)

  • Caption writing

  • Hashtag selection

20 Stories/month

  • Photo selection

  • Photo filtering

  • Addition of text

  • Addition of other story elements (polls, quizzes, questions, etc)

Free Scheduling Account

  • Use of free account on to plan & schedule content

  • Ability to purchase membership to at cost ($8/mo for basics package, $15/mo for starter package, $25/mo for growth package, $40/mo for advanced package)

Custom Hashtag Strategy

  • Curating a list of 100+ categorized hashtags

  • Tracking the size of each hashtag

  • Hand selecting hashtags for each post

Community Management

  • Responding to DMs

  • Responding to comments

  • Engaging with other accounts

Running Paid Ads

  • 1 paid ad campaign per month through Facebook Ads platform (separate campaign that hasn't already been posted on Instagram page, to be run on Facebook & Instagram)

  • Boosted posts on Instagram page (putting a budget behind a post to gain more exposure)
    $500 ad spend included (ad spend can be increased if client pays the difference)

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