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amazon's next step in its plan to take over the world: its grocery service.

Food Trucks

To launch the campaign, Amazon Fresh will send out 100 delivery trucks around the country as “farmers’ trucks” (combination of farmers’ market and food trucks) to show the quality of the food first-hand. Once you select your food, Amazon Fresh starts you with a 90-day free trial and delivers your food straight to your house.

The Brief

Create content for AmazonFresh that’s all about the love of food, letting foodies know that treats and essentials from the most incredible local, specialist merchants are only a tap away.

Seasons change, freshness shouldn't.

This Snapchat geofilter at the food trucks will generate earned media for Amazon Fresh and encourage people to find the food truck.

These calendars are handed out to everybody who visits the “farmers’ trucks.” Each month features a recipe that has fresh ingredients during that time of year. All ingredients are available on

The website redesign creates the experience of going to a farmers market on Amazon Fresh’s page without all of the downsides of going to the store. It presents pictures of the produce in a natural setting, tells you what's fresh in your area, and lets you view, share and submit your own seasonal recipes.

Website Redesign

Fresh Hybrid

Similar to the Domino's car but instead of an oven, a refrigerator! This allows your groceries to stay fresh and cool while in commute. Quick to zip around town and get you your groceries fast!

copy & design:

alicia rinaldi & charlotte ableman

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