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pink panther yacht

IG Page Growth & Management, Creative Direction, Business Development, Paid Ads

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A bachelorette party yacht in Miami, FL

pink panther yacht

The Pink Panther Yacht is Miami's premiere bachelorette party destination! From its pink accessories, to postcard perfect views, this 65' Sunseeker Flybridge provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for brides to party before they tie the knot.

Creativity Unleeshed created a bright girly feed, incorporating trendy, engaging videos, to paint the picture of the experience that the Pink Panther Yacht has to offer for bachelorette parties & friend groups alike. 

The Pink Panther Yacht Instagram page enabled brokers & clients to easily learn more information about chartering the yacht, and even facilitated automatic online bookings via the website. Plus, paid Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram got the yacht in front of potential clients much faster than organic social media could have. 

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Grew from 0 to close to 1,000 followers
Managed DMs to share info with brokers & potential clients
Produced 2 professional photoshoots with models & accessories
Reached 250k+ people through Meta paid ads

Instagram Content



The first 3 posts on the account

Each of the first 3 posts takes a different angle in providing the potential client information about the yacht: one introduces the boat's rebrand, one focuses on the features of the yacht, and one explains why it makes the best spot for a bachelorette party!


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We repurposed video clips from our photoshoots to create tons of short, viral video clips for Tik Tok and Instagram, always choosing trending songs


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Tested creative and optimized for best performing content. Changed audiences, visuals, & copy and collected weekly performance data to redistribute budget & lower costs. 

Instagram feed


We created a girly, aesthetically pleasing feed that differentiates the Pink Panther Yacht from all other charters by emphasizing the soft pinks, bright blues, and never ending sunshine. Our main posting categories were professionally taken photoshoots, client photos from charters, photos of the yacht itself, and places around Miami that bachelorette parties would enjoy. 


What We Do

IG Content & Management

  • Develop content strategy

  • Schedule & professional photoshoots for on-brand content

  • Edit all photos to match cohesive color theme

  • Write cute & informative captions with custom hashtags

  • Grow the page's following

  • Track the page's analytics to optimize strategy 

  • Respond to messages & comments

Business Development

  • DM brokers & bachelorette party companies to list the yacht

  • Relay all messages about potential collabs to the owner

  • DM potential clients with special discounts & booking link

Beyond IG

  • Work closely with web developers to ensure seamless customer experience

  • Set up automated messaging in the DMs to instantly answer questions

  • Create listings on appropriate sites for yacht visibility

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