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How To Cannes

Cannes you do the Cannes Cannes?

Now you Cannes.

1. Bring comfortable shoes and lots of bandaids. DON'T wait until Cannes to break in new shoes.

2. Prepare for long days. You probably won't go back to the hotel at all during the day.

3. Take lots of specific notes on the talks. They all start to blend together after a few days.

4. Rosé is literally easier to find than water--there's not a lot of water, so bring a bottle.

5. They have phone charging stations, but bring a portable charger if you have one.

6. It's not "networking" if it's after 5pm. Trust me, that guy flirting with you at Gutterbar does not want to give you a job.

7. Actually study the people on the study guide and learn who they are. Look up their agency if you've never heard of it. You'll surprisingly meet a lot of them (and they're flattered when you tell them you had to study them for a test).

8. TALK TO EVERYONE!!! You never know who you're sitting next to.

9. It doesn't hurt to learn a little French.

10. RSVP to parties BEFORE you get to Cannes. It's not like Miami, and you can't just find a promoter on Instagram.

11. Look at example travel blogs and plan yours out BEFORE you leave so you know what to take pictures of.


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