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Our 5-step course will turn you into an Instagram maven. With five 1-hour long, one-on-one coaching sessions, we'll cover how to create meaningful content, take full advantage of Instagram stories, plan out your profile and grid, use hashtags effectively, and collaborate with influencers. After the course is finished, there are additional optional bonus sessions 

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1. Creating Content

The content creation lesson will show you how to:

  • Set your Instagram goals and use them to develop your content strategy

  • Choose "buckets" or categories that your posts will fall into

  • Develop an "Instagram aesthetic" so your page has a cohesive look & feel

  • Create your own content or curate from others

  • Write engaging Instagram captions that people will actually read

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2. Navigating Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories lesson covers:

  • What are "close friends" and how can businesses take advantage of this feature?

  • How can story highlights help tell the story of your business?

  • Creating different types of Instagram stories

  • Editing your stories & implementing your brand's aesthetic

  • Secret tips for creating awesome stories

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3. Your Profile and Grid

In this lesson, we will take a deep dive into how to optimize every piece of your Instagram page including:

  • A full Instagram audit to analyze your profile picture, followers/following ratio, name line, category, bio, link, highlights, overall look of content, and more

  • Why you should schedule posts in advance

  • My favorite tool to plan your Instagram feed & a walkthrough of how to use it

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4. Using Hashtags

This lesson is all about demystifying hashtags and coming up with a custom plan that works for you. You'll learn:

  • What's the point of using hashtags?

  • What can and can't you do with hashtags?

  • What types of hashtags to use

  • How to organize your hashtags to easily choose for each post

  • How to tell if your hashtags are working

5. Working with Influencers

As someone who's worked as an influencer, I can tell you exactly what to expect and help you craft a mutually beneficial influencer strategy:

  • When should you work with influencers?

  • How much should you pay an influencer?

  • Things influencers wish business owners knew

  • How to tell if your influencer campaign was effective

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Finished the course but still want to learn more? These slightly more advanced topics are the perfect next step for you to get your Instagram page to the next level. Five 1-hour long, one-on-one coaching sessions will cover all the topics below.

Save $250 when you book the full bonus course instead of à la carte sessions.

1. Building A Community

Learn how to use your Instagram page to build a community online and offline!

3. Reels Tutorial

Learn tips and tricks for creating engaging reels. Maybe you'll go viral!

5. Understanding Analytics

Discover what your insights really mean and how they can help you optimize your content.

2. Instagram Myths

Learn the truth behind the myths everybody believes about Instagram

4. Growing Your Page

Great content isn't enough. You have to get your page noticed in order to grow, 


Does one of these topics really pique your interest? Or maybe you have the basics down but wanted to dive deeper into just a couple topics. Tap the link below to book any of our sessions à la carte. 


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Alicia has over 4 years of experience managing a variety of Instagram accounts, growing one page from 7k to 24k followers and another from 0 to over 9k followers without running paid ads. 


Over the last 4 years of using Instagram professionally, Alicia has seen the platform evolve along with the trends and the ever-changing algorithm. 

She's observed that there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to Instagram, and not knowing them means your content will suffer big time. How long do you make your captions? Do you hold the camera vertically or horizontally? How often should you post? What hashtags should you use? All these questions have (sort of) right answers, and if executed right they will optimize your content for the best possible performance. 

By working with Alicia, you'll learn 4 years worth of secrets about Instagram do's and don'ts in a matter of hours, and be equipped to run your own page without needing to hire a "social media manager" (about a $40k salary).

Combined with your understanding of your business and your numbers, we will come up with a winning strategy for your Instagram to not only look pretty, but contribute to your bottom line. 




Sign up for a free 30-minute Instagram audit where we go through your page together and identify what's working well and what can be improved


Let's admit it: running an Instagram page is like a full time job. You're too busy running your business to dedicate the time and effort your Instagram page needs to be successful and contribute to your bottom line.  

That's where we come in. Hire an expert to run your Instagram page so you can focus on the important things that led you to starting a business in the first place! Click below to view the packages we offer.