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Instagram consulting

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Our 5-step course will turn you into an Instagram maven. With five 1-hour long, one-on-one coaching sessions, we'll cover how to create meaningful content, take full advantage of Instagram stories, plan out your profile and grid, use hashtags effectively, and collaborate with influencers. After the course is finished, there are additional optional bonus sessions 

Scroll down for a preview of each lesson.

1. Creating Content

The content creation lesson will show you how to:

  • Set your Instagram goals and use them to develop your content strategy

  • Choose "buckets" or categories that your posts will fall into

  • Develop an "Instagram aesthetic" so your page has a cohesive look & feel

  • Create your own content or curate from others

  • Write engaging Instagram captions that people will actually read

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2. Navigating Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories lesson covers:

  • What are "close friends" and how can businesses take advantage of this feature?

  • How can story highlights help tell the story of your business?

  • Creating different types of Instagram stories

  • Editing your stories & implementing your brand's aesthetic

  • Secret tips for creating awesome stories

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3. Your Profile and Grid

In this lesson, we will take a deep dive into how to optimize every piece of your Instagram page including:

  • A full Instagram audit to analyze your profile picture, followers/following ratio, name line, category, bio, link, highlights, overall look of content, and more

  • Why you should schedule posts in advance

  • My favorite tool to plan your Instagram feed & a walkthrough of how to use it

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4. Using Hashtags

This lesson is all about demystifying hashtags and coming up with a custom plan that works for you. You'll learn:

  • What's the point of using hashtags?

  • What can and can't you do with hashtags?

  • What types of hashtags to use

  • How to organize your hashtags to easily choose for each post

  • How to tell if your hashtags are working