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High quality content for your company's social media for an unbeatable price.

by Creativity Unleeshed, LLC, parent company of Miami Unleeshed

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Social media content is crucial to every brand's marketing strategy in 2021. But times are tough, and brands simply can't afford to pay the high prices that professional photographers & videographers charge.

But here's the secret... You don't need to pay top dollar for an ultra-professional team with fancy equipment to create content for your instagram.

In fact, AUTHENTICITY is huge in 2021, meaning that people on social media care more about your brand's message itself than if you used the most expensive equipment to capture it.

All you really need is a wide-angle iPhone and someone with a good eye to snap the perfect shots!

That's where we come in. We understand the struggle is real right now, so we're offering a super affordable solution for brands to get great photos and videos for their social media channels. 



we come in for a 1-2 hr "instagram photoshoot" for your business for one flat rate


taking iPhone photos & videos allows us to keep our costs down while still providing high quality images & videos


we promptly share all images & videos with you and grant you full usage rights for your instagram,  website, print & more


additional packages are available for pre-planned instagram posts and stories


Restaurant Interior



  • menu items

  • ambiance/outside

  • owners and staff

Young Women with Shopping Bags


  • items for sale

  • aesthetic of store

  • owners and employees

  • lobby/outside entrance

  • amenities - pool, gym, etc 

  • content in each size room

  • on site restaurants/retail

  • front desk staff

  • perks (robes, candy, mini fridge, etc)





  • Restaurants and retail: We will take photos and videos of up to 20 menu items/items for sale, the restaurant/store indoor + outdoor ambiance, and photos of any staff/owners who are present for the photoshoot and choose to be photographed

  • Hotels: We will take photos and videos of the entrance and lobby, each available floor plan, all hotel amenities, any onsite restaurants or retail, any staff who is available and chooses to be photographed, and special perks associated with the hotel

  • Content is shot in an informal, lifestyle way

  • Creativity Unleeshed will bring a wide-angle iPhone, tripod, ring light, and video stabilizer

  • Business must provide all items to shoot and any models or additional styling/props

  • Owners and staff may choose to get their pictures taken as well

  • Business is encouraged to provide information about the style/aesthetic they're going for as well as pictures for inspiration

Image by Rachel Park


Having nice photos and videos is a great start for your brand's social media, but it's only half the battle. Now it's time to turn this content into informative and engaging posts. As a business owner, you're busy enough - ain't nobody got time to sit there and edit photos or think of captions and hashtags!

Wait, we got time for that! We will create "evergreen content," which is content we make now that you can use on Instagram anytime, over and over again! Here's what that includes:

  • Photos filtered with a color theme/"aesthetic"

  • Engaging captions with in-depth explanations of items for sale, the story of the brand, information about the staff members, the vibe of the ambiance, fun facts, special promotions, and more

  • Custom hashtag strategy to make your business discoverable by people who could actually become customers

  • A grid layout suggestion to make sure your feed stays balanced and aesthetically pleasing as a whole

  • We will create the content and send to you to post whenever you want, meaning you'll never have to share your password with us


10 posts


20 posts


30 posts


*best deal*


10 stories


20 stories


30 stories


*best deal*

Food Workshop


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