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"Creativity is

 intelligence having fun"

- Albert Einstein

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Alicia → Leesh → Unleeshed

"Connect an audience of your choosing with a brand in a way that wasn't possible 3 years ago" was the brief that not only forever changed the way I think, but also jump started the trajectory of my career. Why do things the way everyone else does them? Why continue doing things the way we always have? 

Creativity Unleeshed is all about thinking unconventionally to find newer, better, and more efficient marketing strategies and gracefully executing them to see measurable results. 


collab with @bye___alicia

If you're considering a brand-influencer type of collaboration, work with me on Instagram! I have created packages specifically for online or non-local brands with the content creation itself, a post in my feed/story, or both!

Did you know... 58 percent of people have actually purchased a product because of an influencer recommendation in just the past six months? Microinfluencers (like me!) have been shown to have stronger engagement & cheaper costs than larger influencers and still provide plenty of of opportunities for brands. 

Tap the link below to see media kit & packages.

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